• Fact Confirming Not as Fun as Myth Busting

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    Not long ago we posted about Carmichael Lynch's Talk To A Plant project for Denver Museum of Nature & Science and their MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition. Well check out these hilarious spots.

  • Leading to Death

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    LeadingToDeath.com from James Lotter on Vimeo.

    Check out this really cool experimental short film, created by a couple of creatives in Minneapolis, that's re-edited in HTML5 every time you watch it. The more times you watch the more you see. See it in action action.

    They programmed the site to draw from a database of more than 100 video clips organized across a three-minute timeline. Each time the page loads the video player dynamically re-edits the film to create a total of over one million narrative-bending variations. Really cool guys.

  • Talk to a Plant

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    Carmichael Lynch has created a cool web experience,Talk to a Plant, for Denver Museum of Nature & Science to support MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition. They are conducted an experiment to see if talking to a plant helps it grow? Simply tweet the plant and your tweet will be read out loud to the plant.

    Wonder what happens if you constantly play Scandinavian Metal to a plant.

  • Second-Hand Ikea

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    This a pretty brilliant idea from Ikea in Norway.

  • This Guy's Resume is Better Than Yours

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    Like waaaaay better.

  • Danger Russ, A Passively Suicidal Daredevil

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    Two Minneapolis ad guys developed this interesting animation about a passively suicidal daredevil traveling across the country with his inattentive and incompetent crew who are inadvertently aiding his destiny to die trying, trying to die. Its pretty funny. Read more over at The Minneapolis Egotist. And then check out the entire series.

  • Are You A Work Wanker?

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    This site has every Ad Agency character down. Check it.

  • The Deep

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    PES has made another quirky cool stop motion animation to warm your hearts on this cold day.

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