• Save The Music. Save The Cedars

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    Y&R Dubai developed a very interesting story with a cool activation. Simply download the track, made by a tree essentially, and you are donating to save the cedars. Then put your cans on and jam with the cedars.

  • MiniAbe Is Back

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    The little guy is back for Illinois Tourism. We have missed him. This time JWT has him diving into the delicious food our fine city has to offer. Check it out and why not check out the Illinois tourism website while you are at it.

  • JOBS: Group Account Director Wanted

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    Integer is hiring: Group Account Director. Please Note: You must become a member
    to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • Support This Kickstarter from Palaxy Tracks

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    Interesting Kickstarter music project that has some Chicago roots. Oh and look only a few hours left and he is so close to meeting his goal.

  • Sign Painters

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    We have previously posted about "Sign Painters," a documentary about the art of sign painting. If you missed the screenings, like we did, it's now available on iTunes! Bonus, check out this great interview with the creators.

  • Fast Company's Most Creative People in Business

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    Check it out, be inspired, try not to be jealous oh and look some Chicago representation.

  • Artist Erik Ravelo shows children crucified on their abusers.

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    "The Untouchables""The Untouchables"

    The new series produced by Cuban artist Erik Ravelo entitled "The Untouchables", show photographs of children crucified on the bodies of their 'oppressors', seeking to reaffirm the right of children to be protected and have their abuse reported, especially in countries such as Brazil, Syria, Thailand, United States and Japan.

    Some are more obvious that others. The surgeon had us scratching our heads - but then the large version shows a dotted line down the boy's torso and the photo is titled 'Brazil', so presume that's about illegal organ harvesting. Horrific. However, targeting Ronald McDonald is reaching a little bit.

    See more here >

  • Beat Average

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    Carmichael Lynch has created a pretty compelling campaign for GNC, Beat Average. They recently added to the campaign through social and digital by asking people tell their stories of how they themselves have 'beat average." Above average stuff here. Makes you wanna get the gym right now!

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