• Authentic Form & Function

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    Authentic Form & Function is a pretty new agency that is actually completely remote, with partners and employees scattered between Chicago, Denver, and Virginia. The agency opened a little over a year ago and has been ramping up on projects and really starting to kick out some great work. Check out what Authentic Form & Function has been up to. Pretty sure we will be seeing some cool stuff from them in the future.

  • Amazing student chalkboard art is genius but anonymous. #dangerdust

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    At the Columbus College of Art and Design, two college students have gone rogue - but publicly at least, no one's letting on which two. The anonymous duo, who go by the name Dangerdust, sneak into a classroom each Sunday or Monday and create a masterpiece out of nothing but chalk. All we could manage at school was a speed knob.

    The pair are both seniors in Advertising & Graphic Design, but somehow they manage to spare the brainpower and time to create these chalkboard works of art - some taking 11 hours to complete.

    You just have to marvel at the technique, the breadth of styles, the thinking that's gone into it and the commitment and planning.

    “When you’re working on long extended projects for graphic design classes it’s easy to… lose motivation,” they said. “I think we’re tired of the computer, and [chalking] gives us motivation.”

    “I remember the first couple we did, I didn’t think anything was going to happen, [but] people were like, ‘Yeah, I’ve seen that on Instagram!’” they remembered. “We get so giddy over 10 likes on Instagram.”

    Dangerdust on a day outDangerdust on a day out


  • Don't Hurry

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    New work for Cruzan Rum from Walton Isaacson that encourages you to slow down. Hey these these are kinda funny.

  • Save The Music. Save The Cedars

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    Y&R Dubai developed a very interesting story with a cool activation. Simply download the track, made by a tree essentially, and you are donating to save the cedars. Then put your cans on and jam with the cedars.

  • MiniAbe Is Back

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    The little guy is back for Illinois Tourism. We have missed him. This time JWT has him diving into the delicious food our fine city has to offer. Check it out and why not check out the Illinois tourism website while you are at it.

  • JOBS: Group Account Director Wanted

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    Integer is hiring: Group Account Director. Please Note: You must become a member
    to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • Support This Kickstarter from Palaxy Tracks

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    Interesting Kickstarter music project that has some Chicago roots. Oh and look only a few hours left and he is so close to meeting his goal.

  • Sign Painters

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    We have previously posted about "Sign Painters," a documentary about the art of sign painting. If you missed the screenings, like we did, it's now available on iTunes! Bonus, check out this great interview with the creators.

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