• This Guy's Resume is Better Than Yours

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    Like waaaaay better.

  • Danger Russ, A Passively Suicidal Daredevil

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    Two Minneapolis ad guys developed this interesting animation about a passively suicidal daredevil traveling across the country with his inattentive and incompetent crew who are inadvertently aiding his destiny to die trying, trying to die. Its pretty funny. Read more over at The Minneapolis Egotist. And then check out the entire series.

  • Are You A Work Wanker?

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    This site has every Ad Agency character down. Check it.

  • The Deep

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    PES has made another quirky cool stop motion animation to warm your hearts on this cold day.

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

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    Oh Wes Anderson.

  • Banksy Proves Chicagoans are Smart

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  • #TheWorldNeedsMore

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    Leo Burnett New York worked with the United Nations and David Guetta's team to produce the video in support of #TheWorldNeedsMore. "The World Needs More___" represents a whole new approach to cause marketing, as it literally turns people's words into action. Brands and artists have united to sponsor certain hashtags like #peace, #dialogue etc. As people participate in the campaign, they help unlock the donations organization's have pledged by sharing the sponsored words through Twitter or the campaign website (www.theworldneedsmore.org). Every time a sponsored word is shared, $1 will be unlocked and go towards aid efforts throughout the world.

    Good through a hashtag.

  • Basketball is Everything

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    180LA's latest work for Adidas D Rose 4 basketball shoe.
    D Rose loves basketball.

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