• Christmas Magic

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    Thanks Medical Oregano (Chicago comedy duo) for bringing a catchy tune and crazy ginger bread men into our lives. Cheers!

  • Happy Holidays From Plan B

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    The New Guy at The Office from Plan B [the agency alternative] on Vimeo.

    Stick to your day job Santa.

  • Buzz Kill

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    Merkley + Partners, TVB, The Ad Council and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration remind you that Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving. Be safe out there people.

  • Threadless Vending Machines

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    Has anyone seen these around? Apparently Threadless is testing out some T-shirt vending machines around Chicago. Cool idea.

  • Improv Everywhere Trailer

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    Man we love Improv Everywhere.

  • Agency Peep Hole

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    Agency Peep Hole is a cool way to see and share all your holiday agency photos from around the world. Every wonder what Chiat's Holiday Party is like? Well they don't have an album but there are a ton of SF agencies that do. Take a peek and add yours. All you have to do is tag your photos on Instagram #agencypeephole

  • Client Gets a Tattoo

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    Check this out. Jim Beam said to their agency, Strawberry Frog "hey, if you get 1 million fans on our Facebook page, Fred Noe, the 7th Generation family distiller will make a Bold Choice and get a Tattoo." Dude got a tattoo.

    Meanwhile Time ranked Jim Beam's Bold Choice spot #5 in the Top 10 TV ads of 2011

  • Indyanimation

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    That's right, the opening scene of Raiders of The Lost Ark recreated with action figures. Happy Monday!

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