About Us

About The Chicago Egotist
The Chicago Egotist is an anonymously-run website featuring the best creative, the best talent and the best resources in Chicago – keeping it all in the greater context of what’s happening internationally. Our intent is to foster growth in this city, both professionally and conceptually.

We live in a world-class city, Chicago. From the architecture, to the food, to the art, to the lake, to the music scene and to the tourists that line the Mag Mile. This city does ROCK! Why does the creative that comes out of here seem to suck so much? The talent and resources are obviously here, but the level of work seems to fall short more often than not. Everyone has their theories of why, but lets not analyze the why and focus on moving forward. The goal of The Chicago Egotist is to form a community that creatively challenges one another, learns from one another and together spurs creativity, turning this city into what it should be – a creative world-class city.

A Message To Businesses
As decision makers on the client side and inside the agencies themselves, the choice to hire locally and demand good work is ours to make. By doing so, you’ll not only help elevate the city as a whole, you’ll help Chicago become a draw for new talent – continuing the cycle. Just as we’re challenging Chicago's creative community to step it up, we’re also extending a challenge to business owners. Before you take your next big campaign out of town, give a shop in this city a chance – if only to pitch. The expectation for great work has been set. Let them surprise you. We’re all about hiring the world’s best talent. But we’re all about hiring Chicago's best talent first. It’s the challenge of agencies to uncover the photographers, illustrators, directors, writers, designers and visionaries in our town that will help make your work better every time they touch it. And then use them to raise the bar for the entire community.

With your help and trust, Chicago can hold its head up high as a creative world-class city.

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