Freelance Flash Animator

Type of work: Freelance
Location: New York City
Company URL:
Date Posted: March 7th, 2012

Firstborn is looking for top-notch Flash animators.

We're primiarliy looking for artists with outstanding timeline chops to breath life and excitement into animation on a wide array of digital projects. ActionScript dev experience is defintely a plus, but polished animation skills is what we're looking for right now.

We're expectng a consistant stream of freelance projects, so if you're looking for a steady flow of work, this could work out nicely for you. Alternatively, it could provide you with a reliable source of work when you're in between gigs as well. We're happy to work out either arrangement.

Many of the projects that are most quickly approaching are online media campaigns--banners (both standard Flash and rich media). So, please do prepare to show banner work you've done in the past. We'd love to see: standard units that are pure animation and/or interacive, rich media homepage takeovers, expandable units, etc etc.

We'd love to see what you've got. Of course, we love being amazed by great artistry and craftsmanship, so feel free to show us any non-banner work in addtiion that you'd want us to see.

Please note: Although we love character animation skills, we won't have as much use for them.


-Please provide samples of your work.

-Must know Flash 9 and up

-Must have experience working on web banners.


-Design Skills

-Photoshop skills

-After Effects compositing skills

-Illustrator skills

-AS3 skills

How to apply:

Write to us at: including links to your work!

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