Plan B


Type of work: Freelance
Location: United States
Date Posted: February 26th, 2013

You were born digital and grew up social, with lightning quick thumbs and an even quicker wit. You love writing, sharing, and sharing your writing – and you’ve been doing it for yourself (and possibly others) for a long time…and for the sheer joy of it. It amazes you sometimes that anyone would be willing to pay you for doing what you love.

And yet here WE are – offering to PAY YOU to write, share, and exercise that wit on our behalf, keeping us current on, and closely connected to, everyday conversations in the advertising space. Intrigued?

Our crazy-paced ad agency, and sibling social media agency, need a part-time social-media-minded Content Manager to help us promote and maintain our presence across a wide swath of industry-related communities.

Responsibilities will include crafting topical blog posts, curating content to share via our agency’s branded social channels, and regularly participating in industry-relevant conversations on blogs and in forums. The closer you already are to these ad industry conversation hubs, the better.

The ideal Content Manager will be able to proactively identify opportunities to generate and share custom content – both on our websites, and through relevant social channels. Someone who is savvy to the context of a conversation, and who can exercise good judgment when it comes to sharing ideas on the social web. Someone capable of creating separation between their own personal brand and the agency brands they will be representing.

Candidate should be:

- A solid writer with a passion for influencing online conversations
- A savvy social media voice with community management chops
- An astute observer of ad industry topics and trends
- Actively participating in online communities as part of every day life
- Deeply in tune with what’s happening in digital/social media
- Familiar with Wordpress (preferred, not required)

How to apply:

This could be the perfect part-time opportunity for someone looking to supplement a freelance schedule with consistent, ongoing work. If it sounds like your dream job, drop us a line ASAP at to express your enthusiasm.

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