Collaboration: A 2017 Imperative

By The Chicago Egotist / / Rahul Roy, Head of Client Business at hot Chicago agency O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul talks about the importance of working well with partners. His insight reflects OKRP’s agility to bring clients ideas that are not always advertising-centric but still build brands. His thoughts on 2016 and insight for success in 2017 are below: My one word for the year = Collaboration. In today’s ever-changing and dynamic communications world, constant collaboration with specialists beyond the traditional confines of an ad agency is the not-so-secret weapon to wield. Powerful, essential and damned difficult to implement, I’ve learned a lot about doing it right at OKRP. We brought in documentary film-makers to create (and film) the Live Más Scholarship program for Taco Bell. We created an active partnership with a social media auditing specialist company to dissect a company’s approach for new business. We used an online anthropology firm to inform insight gathering proposals for Big Lots. And every week, we create systems to manage teams of outside “agents” that expand our writing, design and technological skills on a daily basis. My lesson about collaboration is simple: don’t be afraid of it, embrace it and give your partners full credit with your clients – your work and your agency will be better for it. Read more at