Vladimir Jones | Director of Digital and Data

Digital Marketing

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Type Of Work:
Denver or Colorado Springs
Date Posted:
September 9, 2019


Vladimir Jones’ Digital and Data team is responsible for developing digital strategies and implementing analytics and optimization strategies for all our clients. The Director of Digital and Data is both an evangelist and leader and will work across all client brands, as well as drive agency innovation, in all facets of digital strategy and impact. Additional responsibilities include ensuring our digital partnerships and certifications are industry leading.

The Director will work closely with senior level client teams as well as with the agency’s media, creative, insight and executive teams to determine the strategy and opportunity for all our client’s search, display, video, email, AR/VR, social and site properties. The Director of Digital and Data will be a key team member for all new business initiatives.

The ideal candidate possesses knowledge of the digital sector including extensive online and strategic marketing experience and a wider digital knowledge. This role will support our agency mission of defining and realizing our clients’ business and brand potential through the application of data and empathy. The Director must have a passion for data, analysis, modeling, learning, leading a team and continuous improvement.

Beyond advertising, expertise in data science and analytics is expected in order to keep the department on the forefront of the industry’s trends in measurement. This is a client-facing role, so the Director must have great communication and relationship-developing capability, combined with the ability to lead and develop both internal and external relationships.

To lead client strategy by staying on the leading edge of data + technology.

Position Requirements/Responsibilities
● Ensure the creative, strategic and functional excellence of all digital projects
● Lead innovation initiatives that help position VJ as the most cutting-edge shop in the region
● Recognize where the agency's digital limits are and work toward extending those limitations or finding resources who can.
● Integrate cross-functional teams (technology, marketing and creative/design) and manage external partners where necessary in support of programs and campaigns
● Develop and manage integrated communications programs within highly visible accounts, including providing strategic and innovative counsel and developing strong client relationships
● Develop excellent digital solutions that have a strong emphasis on combining multiple discipline solutions
● Develop and cultivate innovative data science offerings, including predictive modeling, attribution modeling, valuation models, etc.
● Optimistically approach challenges with a solution-orientation. Both a leader and team builder in up and down times.
● Responsible for the growth and vitality of the agency
● Responsible for quality for group end-result for all clients across agency
● Raises the bar, aspirational, strives to be the best
● Participates in agency goal setting and policy making decisions
● Stays ahead of the curve on area of specialty/core competency
● Mentors staff members
● Monitors and manages staff development, career paths, reviews and hiring
● Supports Human Resources in discipline training efforts
● Establishes relationships across all agency disciplines and agency businesses
● Financially responsible for all digital budgets and costs
● Sets quality standards for the digital team and enforces adherence
● Aggressively pursues new ways to contribute to overall agency and client profitability.
● Participates in new business development
● Demonstrates desire for staff improvement and education throughout the entire agency through leadership feedback and direct engagement
● Is intellectually honest and discreet.
● Stewards agency vision, cultural norms and mission in daily engagements

Reporting directly to the Director of Digital and Data
● All digital team members, including but not limited to:
○ Digital Strategists
○ Digital Coordinators

Measure of Success
● The clients of the agency are making progress toward achievement of their marketing objectives and credit the agency for its contributions.
● Programs and projects are completed accurately, on time, and within budget.
● Relationships among AS team in each office and with other functional departments are harmonious and productive.
● Client and agency business goals, as outlined in operating instructions, are met or exceeded.
● Coordination with the leadership team for the smooth administration of cross-functional relationships, standardized procedures/processes, and data/information processes.
● Leads the team in such a way that employee morale and esprit de corps is tangible and evident
● Connects with client in such a way that VJ is always a recommended solution to a business problem.
● Positioning the agency at the forefront of digital technology and enhancing the agency’s reputation as a cutting-edge digital partner.

● Minimum 6 years’ experience delivering digital-based solutions
● Minimum of 3 years senior-level strategic experience with developed capabilities in strategy, campaign planning and/or consulting roles
● An exceptional understanding of fundamental website usability best practices, standards compliant design, cross browser compatibility and user interface design
● Expertise in data analytics and model-building with multiple unknowns
● Knowledge of current and emerging trends in website development and the tools necessary to build online and interactive projects
● Highly organized with the ability to multitask to meet tight deadlines and schedules as required
● Ability to lead a team, delegate responsibility and display strong strategic direction
● Outstanding interpersonal skills along with strong writing, presentation and problem-solving capability
● Knowledge and understanding of social media platforms and their respective participants (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) and how they can be deployed in different scenarios
● Working understanding of coding and emerging technologies (AI, Machine learning, robotics, martech).

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