Jane Lynch Adds Voice to Illinois Governor’s ‘All In Illinois’ Message – Integrated Campaign Created by OKRP


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Governor JB Pritzker of Illinois has launched a new statewide effort – ‘All in Illinois’ to reinforce the state’s core message for residents to stay at home and stay safe.

To support the call for everyone to stay home, O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul in Chicago created an integrated communications platform supported by an iconic image and call to action distinct to Illinois – ‘All in Illinois.’ The pro-bono effort is anchored by a logo – a heart or home or cross, with the word ‘all’ placed above Illinois with the ‘in’ Illinois highlighted. It is a simple graphic representation that speaks to the bigger idea – All In Illinois – and the mandate that everyone stay in their homes to be safe.  

At a press conference announcing the campaign, Governor JB Pritzker said, “I’ve taken virtually every action available to me to protect our residents and slow the spread, and now, our strongest weapon against COVID-19 is you. For everyone in Illinois, we as individuals must commit to stay home, stay safe and practice social distancing to stay healthy. I’m asking you to join us and be all in for Illinois.”

All in Illinois is supported by a series of public service announcements featuring famous Illinois natives, including Jane Lynch, Deon Cole, Jason Beghe, Jackie Joyner Kersee and Matt Walsh. The PSA videos reinforce the importance of staying at home during the COVID-19 crisis and encourages everyone to do their part to stop the spread of the virus. The PSA celebrity videos can be viewed by visiting Allin.Illinois.gov.

In explaining the campaign, Laura Fegley, Chief Creative Officer at OKRP said, “This is going to be a marathon.  We don’t just need to stay home now, we need to stay in for potentially weeks to come. We needed to create an idea that is as much of a rally cry as it is a request.  Something we can personally buy into. “All In Illinois” is that rally cry to all Illinoisans to pledge to be ALL IN for all of our neighbors. It’s both an idea around community and what you can do as an individual. I’m ALL IN for ILLINOIS.”

Additional campaign elements include downloadable lawn and window signs for residents to print and place at their homes to let others know they are ‘all in.’ There is also an app that lets residents update profile pictures and a website with stories on how residents are staying ‘all in.’

Creative credits for the campaign include:


CCO: Laura Fegley

GCD: Marian Williams

GCD: Jen BIlls

CD: Angela Coster

ACD: Andrea Knowles

Senior Designer: Sam Baliga


Client Management Director: Liz Mowinski

Director of Brand Strategy: Jaime McGill


Director of Production: Scott Mitchell

Producer: James Lourie

Production Business Manager: Kelly Ventrelli


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