R/GA Establishes Dedicated AI Offering


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Photo (left to right), Matt Marcus and Michael Morowitz, R/GA Brand AI Leaders

R/GA has established a Brand AI offering that will be based in Chicago, to design and build AI solutions for brand partners with the goal of transforming the customer experience. The dedicated Brand AI team will leverage R/GA’s transformation model to help clients digitally evolve and adopt automated technologies dependent upon whether a brand is looking to evolve established AI strategy or to deploy solutions for the first time.

The Brand AI team is led by SVP, Executive Creative Director Matt Marcus and Executive Technology Director Michael Morowitz and combines cross-disciplinary talent from the agency’s global network including designers, developers, and data scientists. Specific services to be offered include the design and build out of AI-driven products, AI-driven marketing communications, chat/voice assisted products, and traditional customer support.

R/GA’s focus on innovative transformation is driving the commitment to help clients solve for new business strategies like artificial intelligence. The agency’s own AI experience started in 2015 with the rollout of its own R/GA Bot that uses employee usage information to automate everyday needs, like sync calendars and book conference rooms. Since then, R/GA has been assisting clients in developing frictionless intelligent systems and experiences that drive business results and grow customer support capabilities.

“We’re proud to bring a unique approach to AI innovation. Our unique partnerships with startups from the R/GA Ventures portfolio enable lightning fast integration. This, along with our depth of experience with enterprise AI platforms from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, and others, allow us to drive AI innovation on a continuous basis with our clients. Doing this effectively requires collaboration across business, brand, design and IT teams,” said Nick Coronges, EVP, Global CTO and Partner in R/GA Ventures. “This integrated approach is essential in bringing about real business transformation through AI innovation.”


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