Jason Peterson Launches New Agency – “The Times”


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Former Havas CCO Jason Peterson has launched a new “content and culture advertising agency” in Chicago  called “The Times.” 

The news of the agency was first reported by Campaign Magazine in a story that describes the agency as a “system of members, sans employees.” In addition to Peterson, other founding members include producers Greg Weinstein and Pat Corcoran. 

The website for The Times speaks to a new model of agency that builds content via iphones and drones, melding producers and creatives to deliver ideas that change with The Times (hence the name).

In a press release Peterson says, “This is the golden age of creativity in advertising. Times have changed. Advertising is no longer passive. Consumers now opt into your marketing and want to see themselves reflected in your brand. Agencies can no longer talk at consumers. We must speak with them.”

The agency will a network of content creators, photographers, videographers, social media innovators and more, providing a platform for Members to produce content and receive not only credit but fair compensation for the work they create. This new model according to the agency, will offer clients modern content utility, saving them time and money traditional corporate bureaucracy cannot.

The Times has established an office and production studio at 170 N Sangamon St and said it is working on projects with Pier 1 and Hulu with plans to announce future projects in the coming weeks.


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