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Rainbow Railroad, the world’s only international nonprofit solely devoted to helping lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI) people in danger find legal pathways to safety, is launching a public awareness campaign in support of LGBTQI people who face persecution, violence, and the threat of death in almost 70 countries around the world where it remains illegal to be who you are. The pro-bono initiative called “Help Others Out,” kicks off today timed with National Coming Out Day and was created in partnership with NY based independent shop, Hundred Percent, which opened its doors this past summer.

The work tells the emotional stories of people the organization has helped who once lived in fear and secrecy through three :60 films portraying lives lived in secret that shift as the story unfolds to reveal the faces of Amin, Elton and Toni — all who are now able to live openly and in safety due to Rainbow Railroad’s ongoing efforts. In addition, the organization is taking to social media by encouraging people to replace their profile pictures with an anonymous rainbow avatar (downloadable at rainbowrailroad.org), and share messages of support online to symbolize the countless LGBTQI people for whom it remains impossible to come out due to the threat of violence, persecution, and even death. Print and OOH initiatives will also launch across donated media properties in the U.S. and Canada to support the campaign, which will run throughout the remainder of 2019. 

“The Hundred Percent team really understood and captured the essence of our mission and have brought it to life in such a simple yet emotional way,” said Andrea Houston, Communications and Development Officer at Rainbow Railroad. “This is our first big brand campaign as an organization to garner support and get our message out to the world, and we believe it will be extremely powerful for us and our mission.”

All campaign components drive to Rainbow Railroad’s website where supporters can contribute to its cause to help other LGBTQI people in danger find legal pathways to safety.




Client: Rainbow Railroad

Andrea Houston, Communications + Development Officer


Agency: Hundred Percent 

Jay Benjamin, Co-Founder, ECD

Nick Chapman, Co-Founder, Strategy

Suzanne Reeves-Lau, Co-Founder, Account

Nick Johnson, Co-Founder, President 


Videographer, Angelyn Francis

Photographer, Kyle Mack

Post Production, PS260


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