By The Chicago Egotist / / Leo Burnett, Digitas and Sprint have a challenge for you Instagrammer and Viner addicts. Sprint has partnered with renowned artist, photographer and influential Instagram photographer Paul Octavious on “Built for Chicago,” a local photo/video contest that lets you test your creative chops. Starting Sept. 16, Sprint will unveil a series of 15 different creative challenges for Chicagoans. To participate, Chicagoans can respond to the challenge by Tweeting a picture or Vine video to the hashtag #builtforchicago. The ultimate prize –winners of “Built for Chicago” will have their work displayed at an exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago’s After Dark event Nov. 15. Check out all of the tagged content on Sprint’s website In the end Octavious will select his 50 favorites and we’ll ask Chicagoans to cast their votes. Ultimately, 10 winners will be selected. The Art Institute of Chicago’s After Dark event will feature Sprint’s “Built for Chicago” winners in a special installation “Chicago By Chicago.” Great idea! Talented guy. Now go forth and create content just don’t forget to hashtag it #BuiltForChicago