The Escape Pod Shows Why It’s Good to Be A Dog


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It’s a dogs world and we’re just living in it is the gist of a new campaign from The Escape Pod for Merrick Pet Care that features user generated content that shows how much in control dogs really are in the pet owners lives.

Dogs are in Charge”  features UGC from all over the world (U.S., Eastern Europe and even Asia) and spans radio, online video, digital and social. It is grounded in the universal insight that dogs rule us, rather than the other way around—based on how we treat them, feed them and pamper them in ways we don’t even treat ourselves, spouses or even kids. 

This is the first work from The Escape Pod since being named Merrick’s Creative AOR in Jan of 2018.

To support the campaign, Merrick and Harris Poll conducted a survey asking pet parents about the loving, thoughtful and hilarious things they do for their dogs. And, the resulting insights further confirm that dogs are the ones who are running their world. A couple of interesting stats:

  • Nearly seven out of 10 pet parents admit that their dog is their favorite member of the household (69%). And, in households with kids and spouses, this admission still holds true – the majority of parents with children under 18 as well as pet parents that are married agree that their dog is their favorite member of the household (both at 61%);
  • More than six out of 10 of millennial (ages 18-34) dog owners (62%), say they make decisions about social plans based on their dog’s schedule; 
  • About four out of 10 pet parents have taken their dog on vacation (43%) and spend more money on stuff for their dog than for themselves (40%);
  • More than three out of four unmarried dog owners (77%) let their dog on the furniture in their home;
  • The majority of Millennial (ages 18-34) pet parents, which is the largest subset of dog owners, think their dog eats higher-quality food than they do (55%)
  • One out of four pet parents (25%) have bought a car or home with their dog in mind


Merrick Pet Care “Dogs Are In Charge” Brand Campaign Credits

Agency: The Escape Pod

Managing Director& Founder: Norm Bilow

Executive Creative Director& Founder: Vinny Warren

Chief Executive Officer: Celia Jones

Director of Integrated Strategy: Tyler Moore

Executive Creative Director: Derek Sherman

Creative Director: Ryan Dickey

Associate Creative Director, Art: Austin Arnold

Associate Creative Director, Copy: Anthony Williams

Agency Producer: Marianne Newton

Agency Producer: Annelise Smith

Director of Accounts: Matthew Johnson

Senior Account Executive: Lauren Glazier

Account Executive: Allegra Sunday

Production Business Manager: Cindy Mayer

Production Company: Optimus One

Director/DP:Jamieson Mullholland


Record & Final Audio Mix: Optimus, Marina Killion & Ben Treimer

Color: Optimus, Paul Galati

Editorial: Optimus, Ruben Vela II

VFX & Online Finishing: Optimus, Glen Noren, Ryan Wood, Jim Moss



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