Ogilvy Unveils Cannes-Ready Initiatives


By The Chicago Egotist / /

As the countdown to Cannes begins, Ogilvy Chicago strategically is releasing a series of initiatives aimed to get judges attention. The annual rite is a pattern favored by global holding companies who understand how to game the awards circuit. And it’s proven to be highly successful, especially for Ogilvy.

First up is an app from KIWI to make all steps count toward gender equality. The idea is that KIWI believes every day should be an opportunity to stand up and walk with pride. In support of this idea, Ogilvy created  the Kiwi meaningful steps app to give a measure for those who walk for causes they believe in.

This follows the wonderfully award winning KIWI shoe portraits work that cleaned up at last years award shows, showing the actual footwear worn by great people of the world.

Also created with award judges in mind is a musically-focused campaign bought to you by SC Johnson’s Glade brand featuring songs created in the bathroom, recorded by B.Studios.

And there’s more! For SC Johnson’s Glade brand, packing pillows can be popped to release new glade scents. How refreshing!

Expect to see these and more yet to be released marketing stunts at an awards gala soon.



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