Leo Burnett Introduces Clone Machine from Coors to Save You from Video Calls


By The Chicago Egotist / /

Today’s work from home life has made us all a little tired of the perpetual zoom, hangouts, and other video conferencing calls that require us to look good and interested while distractions abound.

Now we have a solution – the Coors Light Clone Machine developed in partnership with Leo Burnett and Coors. The clone machine enables you to create a digital doppleganger and loop a video of yourself that you can play during meeting calls and look like you are engaged, even if you step away.

All it takes is 30 seconds to create a video that looks like you’re paying attention to the conversation—an attentive nod, a scribble of notes, a “good point” gesture—and you’re free to enjoy a cold one during the workday. Cheers!


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