Saving the Snow Day this Holiday Season with Campbell’s


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Just in time for the holidays comes a new spot from Campbell’s, created by Publicis Groupe and Psyop along with Squeak E. Clean Studios, that harkens to the spirit found in the original Campbell’s Snowman spot first aired in 1993.

In the new “Snowbuddy” spot, a little girl struggles to pull a snowman on a sled through the snow in the hopes of bringing joy to her friend. Chilled to the bone after her arduous trek, her now cheery friend invites her in for a steaming bowl of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup — which does the trick of warming the friends both inside and out.

Campbell’s has created limited edition, Chicken Noodle Soup Snowman cans, that will be in stores this winter. The cans feature the celebrated Campbell’s Snowman and are stackable to form the signature snowman.

Campbell’s also launched an online pledge on created by Publicis Groupe, calling families who believe hills were made to be sled down, cold days call for hot soup and in shutting screens off, and putting snow pants on, to pledge their support to save a cherished winter tradition. The snow day has always been a time honored tradition, but with the adoption of virtual classrooms and e-learning, these magical days are under threat with the real possibility of extinction.

For the first 3,000 pledge signers, Campbell’s is giving away limited-edition snow day activity kits.


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