We Are Ready for Our Botox Now


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“Don’t Botox Shame Me” is a timely and very funny film from start-up Chicago agency Quality Meats , on behalf of Chicago Med Spa.

The ad features a tough-talking, hard-working woman who takes aim at the haters and critics of procedures like botox injections, challenging the scars and derogatory comments from its clients.

The no-nonsense protagonist argues that #WokeUpLikeThis is a social media construct that is usually far from the truth. After a 5:30 am wake up call from a screaming baby, she shows viewers what she really looks like and it’s not exactly ready for the runway.

The long-form spot which is fun to watch for the many troupes of looking good that our heroine dispels, also calls out the very real challenges the Zoom callers and professional hard workers are facing with the need to always be on and looking good on video calls that go on and on.

The ad’s tagline is: “Let’s feel good about looking good.”

Qualty Meats calls itself “A Creative House” and aims to put forward a production-house like approach focused on first finding the great idea and pulling in a team of talent as needed. The project-driven shop is led by Chicago natives Gordy Sang and Brian Siedband who have been creative partners since 2008, and production guru Kacey Hart.

We expect to see and hear more from Quality Meats in 2021. Excuse us now, we need to call Chicago Med Spa for a quick touch-up.


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