Digital Kitchen Art Installation at Las Vegas Electra Cocktail Club Sets a Changing Mood


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Chicago’s creative experience company, Digital Kitchen, has built a changing art installation inside Las Vegas’ newest bar, Electra Cocktail Club. The new work leverages the highest resolution video display to create an ever-changing mood that is reflective of light and color. The new Electra recently opened inside The Venetian Resort’s Palazzo casino.

Electra’s digital display, spanning 40 feet serves as a focal point of the setting. The display features original art that Digital Kitchen designed to transport visitors into an ever-changing environment as colors meld and shapes shift on a digital canvas that leverages 70 million pixels and more than one billion colors. In close collaboration with The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, Digital Kitchen created two different rotating art pieces exclusively for Electra Cocktail Club.

“We wanted people to enter the room and feel like they were in the middle of a James Bond opening title scene where movement creates mystery and suspense,” explained Jason Esser, Creative Director at Digital Kitchen. “Our goal with building experiences is to create a sense of belonging, where someone steps into the space and they feel a sense of enchantment, excitement and a place where they can engage.”

In Neon Swell,  a changing landscape of light and color caress the scene revealing subtle shifts and movement in the form of a woman’s body and separately of a man’s body. Warm reds move across what is revealed to be an elbow and as color blends to high intensity yellow, it lingers on the torso. The canvas uses the shifting color and movement to influence the temperature in the room. With reds being hot, and blues being warm while all the colors in between evoke different feelings.

The second installation is Lights Out, it features an array of Edison light bulbs of varying shapes and colors that hang upside down in an infinite black space, giving the sense that the viewer is looking at a galaxy of lights. Colors also run through the lights until one-by-one they explode, creating a synergy of beautifully electric color across the screen.

Complementing the digital display within Electra are luxurious materials such as brass, granite, etched metals, custom wall coverings and a chandelier with more than 1,200 points of light, offset by deep teal accents throughout the space. Designed by Simeone Deary, under a consulting agreement with Gensler, Electra is about interaction and social connectivity with clear sightlines and contemporary design features.

Digital Kitchen is known for building highly engaging creative experiences and has been behind the digital display and fan installations at the new Atlanta Mercedes-Benz stadium and the Westworld experience inside AT&T Flagship stores among others. It recently won its second Creative Arts Emmy for Interactive Media for its collaboration with HBO for Westworld.



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