Ogilvy Chicago Launches Effort to Save The US Post Office


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Ogilvy Chicago turns the time-honored creed of the Postal Worker into a modern day litany of the challenges the US Post Office faces in a new campaign designed to ‘save’ the Post Office.

The work directs concerned citizens to a new movement Stand By Your Mail which is described as a People’s Postal Rescue Campaign that brings together filmmakers, writers, campaigners and concerned citizens LIKE YOU to champion a vital public service embedded in the U.S. Constitution.

Today as never before, the operations of the US Postal Service is threatened by budget cuts and numerous challenges from an administration that has politicized the department when it is needed the most — to ensure honest and fair elections with many citizens choosing to vote by mail in the midst of the pandemic.


Agency: Ogilvy
Deputy Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Joe Sciarrotta
Creatives: Samantha Gorelik and Estee Mathes
Executive Producer: Gayle McCormick
Production: Eyepatch
Director: Mike Diedrich

Schilling Films Director of Photography: Brian Schilling

Post-Production: Optimus Editor: Randy Palmer
Assistant Editor: Ariana DeSimone
Colorist: Kalvin Johnson
Supervising Colorist: Paul Galati
Sr. Audio Engineer: Marina Killion
Sr. Audio Assistant: Zach Scheitlin
Director of Finish: Glen Noren
Sr. Finish Assistant: Connor Luczak
EP: Tracy Spera
Assoc. Producer: Alex Campbell


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