Master Class in Creating Brand Positioning Platforms


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Brand research and strategy firm First the Trousers Than the Shoes will be leading a workshop in Chicago on September 18 and 19 about “the art and craft of developing outstanding positioning platforms” for strategists, researchers, consultants, etc.

The sessions will be led by Ulli Appelbaum, an award-winning independent consultant and former  senior strategist at BBDO Chicago, Leo Burnett, Fallon, and Sapient Nitro.

This workshop is an open-enrollment, one-day training session that will teach participants how to develop, craft and recognize truly original, distinctive and yet always relevant positioning platforms, messaging strategies and product concepts.

Applebaum said he “developed this session because I couldn’t find this type of workshop anywhere so decided to create it myself as a way to help people become better creative problem solvers and strategic thinkers.”

The masterclass is ideal for everyone involved in the management of brands including brand managers, strategists, consultants, market researchers, data analysts, account people and communication experts (PR, design, etc.). It doesn’t require any prior knowledge.

The regular price is $750 for the day. Fee includes the workshop, training training material and catering.

A seat can be booked on Eventbrite.



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