Miller Lite Celebrates Drinking Beer with Friends as the “Original Social Media” in New Work from DDB


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In a new initiative from DDB Chicago, Miller Lite is putting renewed emphasis on the beer brands positioning as the “original social media,” with ads, branding offers and technology plays that show how sharing a beer together is what being social really means.

A series of new ads created by DDB Chicago, introduce the concept by focusing on missed connections — people staring at their phones instead of interacting with friends. Like the first “It’s Miller Time” spot to take this approach this fall, “Followers,” the new ads finish with the tagline: “Here’s to the original social media.”

In one ad, a woman sitting at a bar nearly misses a real life potential date as she is preoccupied with swiping left on her phone as she looks for possible dates:

As part of the campaign, Miller Lite is bringing a limited number of its dark-colored Offline Cans to bars across the country to inspire more drinkers to take a break from social media and spend time with friends over a beer.

The limited-edition matte black cans will be available in more than 500 bars and taverns in 27 states starting this week. Miller Lite’s Offline Can will be supported by the new TV ads, social media and a point-of-sale marketing campaign that aims to inspire drinkers to invite friends for a night out over Miller Lite.

In select bars where the cans are available, Miller Lite will reward some drinkers for going offline with their own Miller Lite Offline Can, where permitted and while supplies last. Using Facebook’s new “SideFlix” technology, bargoers can invite their friends to join them in putting down their phones and “going offline.” If the group collectively puts their phones down for 30 minutes, they could be eligible to receive a Miller Lite Offline Can.

SideFlix is a digital experience using Facebook Instant Games and Facebook Messenger that offers friends the opportunity to share in a connected experience across their devices when they’re together in real life (IRL). Both DDB and Miller Lite saw the potential to leverage this technology to encourage and reward “device-down” connection when friends spend time together over beers. Miller Lite is one of the first brands globally to utilize Facebook’s SideFlix and this is a first-of-its-kind experience for Molson Coors Beverage Company.

You can find out more about Miller Lite’s Offline Cans here.



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