• #TheWorldNeedsMore

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    Leo Burnett New York worked with the United Nations and David Guetta's team to produce the video in support of #TheWorldNeedsMore. "The World Needs More___" represents a whole new approach to cause marketing, as it literally turns people's words into action. Brands and artists have united to sponsor certain hashtags like #peace, #dialogue etc. As people participate in the campaign, they help unlock the donations organization's have pledged by sharing the sponsored words through Twitter or the campaign website (www.theworldneedsmore.org). Every time a sponsored word is shared, $1 will be unlocked and go towards aid efforts throughout the world.

    Good through a hashtag.

  • Basketball is Everything

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    180LA's latest work for Adidas D Rose 4 basketball shoe.
    D Rose loves basketball.

  • What I love

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    The Climate Reality Project with the help of B-Reel released an awesome online experience, What I Love, at the Mashable Social Good Summit last week. This interactive experience makes climate change personal for people around the world. Take a cruise through it, definitely worth it.

  • The Doodle Project

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    Something pretty amazing for your Monday.

  • The Scarecrow

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    In case you missed Chipotle's new emotional and inspiring piece last week. Or in case you need to be inspired this Monday morning.

  • The Power Inside

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    Have you guys seen this cool new social Web series for Intel and Toshiba by
    Pereria & O’Dell? If you are familiar with Inside and the Beauty Inside you will enjoy this new installment, The Power Inside. Go ahead audition to be in the next episode. You know you want to.

    Checkout more about the series.

  • The Path to Real Milk Milkshakes

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    New work for Steak 'n Shake from Carmichael Lynch. Anyone want a milkshake lunch?

  • Runnovation

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    Arnold is rebranding running for New Balance with their new campaign Runnovation. Some cool branded content to inspire you to get out and run.

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