• Chicago is The Funniest City

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    And this is why we don't live in Texas.

  • I Am Rich

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    Check out how rich we all are.

    We wonder if Leo Burnett's new spot for High Life is making The Hipsters feel like picking up a Hamm's instead.

  • Built For It

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    In case you missed this. It couldn't be any more perfect for CAT.

    Check out how they did it.

  • The Official Porridge of E-sports

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    PWNmeal: Extreme Gaming Oatmeal. from DIGITAL KITCHEN on Vimeo.

    Digital Kitchen and the folks over at Cards Against Humanity created this satirical gem to poke fun at all the crazy marketing people are hit with at The Pax East conference in Boston (It's this huge video gamer conference.) The spot played at the conference and they even had PWNmeal samples to give away. Nice work.

  • No Detail Too Small

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    Frontgate : No Detail Too Small from Mode Project on Vimeo.

    Mode recently made this short film about Frontgate's design process and it really is quite interesting. No frills, just story telling.

  • Upland Brewing Redesign

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    This complete redesign of Upland Brewing Company is sick. Young & Laramore in Indianapolis created new packaging for several beers, new identity, new signage, new marketing materials and even new tap handles for the Indiana craft beer. We are suckers for hand lettering and of course beer. Nice work.

  • You Are Here To Take Our Jobs

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    Havas has started their summer intern search ,CHI Intern Draft, and they are being brutally honest with it. "You are not just an intern. You are here to take our jobs." All of it done through Instagram and specific employees are the target. Pretty interesting idea. If you are looking for an Internship, get creative and get to snappin'

  • CARFAX'S New Crew

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    Y&R has created a new crew of animals for CARFAX. The Mole is just the beginning.

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