“Make ‘Em Look” is New Rallying Call for Golden State Warriors in Ads from Cartwright


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The electric, non-stop excitement the NBA’s Golden State Warriors fans experience while watching their team play is amplified in a new ad campaign for the team titled ‘Make ‘Em Look.’ The new ads from the Cartwright agency showcase all of the players game-making moves, demonstrating that the team itself, is what makes magic happen on the court.

“Golden State has many players whose style of play can take your breath away,” explained Nate Ripp, Creative Director at Cartwright. “Make ‘Em look is a rallying cry for this season’s team that reminds fans (and the league) to keep their eyes peeled so they don’t miss anything spectacular because somebody on the Warriors will bring you to the edge of your seat and make you pay attention.”

The ads leverage live action shots with footage from past games. The work includes .30 and .15 second ads as well as content for social media and radio.

In commenting on the new campaign, Amanda Chin, SVP of Marketing for the Warriors said, “Make ‘Em look is a reminder that our team has sustained a successful tenure in recent years, but has done so with a unique, electrifying style of play. It is a line that has resonated strongly with the team, inspiring our players, coaches, and fans worldwide.”

The campaign has tipped off the Warriors’ 2023-24 NBA regular season, which runs through April.

Cartwright also created The City Calls, the team’s 2023-24 City Edition uniform campaign, which launched recently. The uniform design is a celebration of 150 years of the iconic San Francisco cable car and its distinctive gold bell which invokes the theme, “The City Calls.” It features the sloping ‘San Francisco’ typeface, and the numbers on the jersey are inspired by the city’s oldest working cable car, #578.


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