OKRP Launches Campaign For AliExpress 11-11 Shopping Extravaganza


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AliExpress, the world’s largest online shopping marketplace is introducing its vast offering to US consumers during its traditional 11/11 event, an annual global shopping festival that garners eight-times the sales of Black Friday.

To raise awareness of the endless wonders the marketplace sells, AliExpress is launching a social-first campaign from its new agency OKRP urging consumers to “get aboard the AliExpress.” OKRP was awarded the inaugural AliExpress US launch campaign following a competitive review managed by the client.

The new advertising is designed to showcase the massive deals AliExpress is famous for during this multi-day shopping bonanza. High-energy ads with a funk-inspired sing-song rhyme promote such items as a “Electric scooter for scootin’ around – wireless speakers for a groovy sound – Christmas decorations for just a cent, and a personal, just-for-one, vertical tent.”

With items sourced from around the world, AliExpress, a unit of global tech company Alibaba Group, delivers an eclectic mix of goods, and a platform for shopping that draws consumers in through an experience of discovery.

“At a time when the world is experiencing shortages in a wide array of products and ever rising prices, the AliExpress 11/11 event is a welcome opportunity for consumers to buy quality gifts and items in advance of the busy holiday shopping season,” said Briza Roche Bueno, Marketing & Business Development, AliExpress America Region.

The advertising launches November 1 and leverages social media and digital platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. OKRP partnered with media agency Prolific who has deep E-comm experience and a paid, performance-based model that is revenue-focused.

“Bringing a global brand to the US market plays to our strength in the retail sector and our focus on advertising that sells,” said Tom O’Keefe, CEO of OKRP. “This new initiative is fun and playful and was designed to bring to life the shopper-tainment experience of finding great deals and unique products on the AliExpress platform.”



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