The Escape Pod Launches “Respect the Grip” for Golf Pride


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Who knew a great golf game was all about the grip? In a new campaign from The Escape Pod, we learn the secret of grips from golf industry leader, Golf Pride.

In its first brand campaign, The Escape Pod highlights Golf Pride’s range of collections, including MCC, CP2, CPX and ZGrip, all of which bring unique performance benefits.

Garnered from the insight that grips have long gone unnoticed within the golf equipment category, – “they aren’t valued until they start to have a negative impact on a golfer’s performance.” said Eric Gibson, Global CMO, Golf Pride. “Nothing’s more vital to a golfer than their connection to their equipment. So, you’d assume the golf grip – the only connection between hands and club – would be prioritized by golfers everywhere, right? Wrong. In fact, golfers currently spend less time thinking about their grip and more time spending thousands on other equipment trends.”

Golf Pride’s global brand campaign will be brought to life across a variety of tactics (broadcast, OLV, social, print, display) including the three biggest golf regions in the world: North America, Asia-Pacific, and UK/Europe.

“As the category leader, Golf Pride knew it was time to educate golfers on why they need to respect the grip as part of their primary equipment in the bag. The campaign rallies golfers of all skill levels to recognize the performance impact of fresh grips – while eschewing category tropes and puncturing the space with new expectations for authentic messaging,” said Holly Willis, Head of Accounts, The Escape Pod.

Grips are the only piece of performance equipment that connects you to your club on every single shot. They’re a piece of equipment that can give your hands the confidence they need to perform. New grips can drive an extra two yards of carry to a player’s game — this is based on a study conducted by Golf Pride testing the impact of worn vs new grips with adept players. That may not sound like much but imagine you’re now clearing the greenside bunker that’s been frustrating you, or that out-of-range, long par-4 green is suddenly reachable. So, Golf Pride is here to remind you that to play your best, it’s time to RESPECT THE GRIP.


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