Match Tells Singles To “Lick Every Stranger They Can” This Summer – Then Come to Them When They are Ready for Something Serious


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As the world starts to reopen and life finally gets back to normal, the dating app Match finds itself in an unexpected situation. As a service that specializes in meaningful relationships, Match is excited for dating to begin again. However, as terms like “Slutty Summer” and “Hot Vax Summer” exploded in popularity this spring, it’s become clear many singles aren’t looking for the kind of commitment Match offers. Instead of discouraging these singles from hooking up, Match is doing the opposite this summer.

In a campaign developed by Mojo Supermarket, Match celebrates the return of dating by going big with outdoor placements, paid social posts and even lollipops, encouraging singles that want to, they should “lick every stranger they can.”

To play off the headline, Match explains they understand singles want “a good consensual hook up, or seven” this summer. But when they’re “ready to get serious about dating” in the fall, or maybe next week, Match will be there. This shocking headline (especially after a year of social distancing) will be seen in outdoor media placements in New York and Los Angeles, just as life in those cities returns to normal. 

“Singles spent the pandemic reassessing what they want in a relationship, and they are ready for something more,” said Hessam Hosseini, CEO of Match. “And Match is the place for those singles who are serious about it, to find it.”

The campaign continues on social with fun animated posts, complete with a disembodied tongue licking the viewer’s phone screen.

The headline won’t just appear in OOH and social media, Match also sent hundreds of custom made lollipops to friends of the brand so they can practice licking until they meet a stranger worthy of their time, and tongues.

“Lick every stranger you can encapsulates head-on what everyone is talking about, that pent-up demand for physical closeness,” said Match’s VP of Brand Ayni Raimondi. “As an iconic dating brand, we will celebrate a summer of love or a summer of lovers. We’re leaving it up to singles. But when they’re ready to get serious about dating, Match will be here.”

“A moment when the culture is yearning for the opposite of what you stand for is a great time to strengthen your place in it,” said Mo Said, Founder and Creative Chief of Mojo Supermarket. “We wanted everyone to know that they should go have their fun, and when they’re serious about dating again, Match will be there.”



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