Production Studio CRY Signs Visionary Global Director Mwita Chacha to its Roster


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Creative production studio CRY has signed a deal to represent Director Mwita Chacha, an entrepreneur, humanitarian and filmmaker who brings an extraordinary amount of passion to his work. CRY will represent Chacha’s North American directing work.

CRY, founded in 2007, works with agencies and brands who “have a soul.” Its mission statement: being curious, generous, vulnerable, and fun help create a deeply human experience that leads to a deeply human end product.

“Mwita embodies the values of CRY fully—particularly he is generous,” said CRY Director and Co-founder Justin Rossbacher. “He has no ego that gets in the way of his collaborations, nor does he hold back from sharing what he finds valuable. Second, he has a unique voice, and his work differs from all the other work and people on our roster.”

Chacha looks to realism to elevate the story and present the beauty, struggles, and everyday life of often-overlooked cultures. He draws inspiration from multiple cultures in his background and new ones he experiences in his travels. His raw docu-style approach shines authenticity on the commercials and films he creates. He sees storytelling as an opportunity to draw people together, challenge them to think in a new way, and advance the impact of humanitarianism.

His portfolio includes work that has been featured on VOX, PBS, and Vimeo Staff picks. His films have helped raise millions of dollars for nonprofits, empowered orphaned children around the world (with Horizon Initiative), brought awareness to the impact of climate change on Native Alaskans (“After the Ice”), and inspired people to create change through other visionary causes.

Chacha’s latest work is for Zoetis, a company that brought to market the industry-changing technology which vaccinates chickens against deadly diseases while still in the egg. The short film documentary explores the extraordinary people who surpassed expectations in order to help the poultry industry feed the world more safely and efficiently.

Chacha is a first-generation Tanzanian immigrant who was born in Virginia and currently lives in Washington D.C. with his wife, 3-year-old son, and 6-month-old daughter.




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