Thinking Machine’s Docter Twins Direct New Comedic Campaign from FactSet

by / April 16, 2024 /

FactSet, a global financial digital platform and enterprise solutions provider, has unveiled a new campaign that demonstrates how, when it comes to the facts, context is everything.

Titled “Not Just The Facts,” the campaign shows what happens when members of the investment community are pelted with increasingly absurd and irrelevant facts. The ending reminds viewers that getting just facts—without context or personalization—is useless.

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Former FCB Vets Launch Magic Camp, Agency Built for the Modern Marketer

by / March 26, 2024 /

FCB alums Holly Willis and Mandi Bright, have teamed together to launch Magic Camp, a full-service advertising agency built for the modern marketer that is setting a bold tone from the outset by completely redefining how an advertising agency is structured.

Magic Camp emerges with a clear vision led by Holly Willis, aiming to empower marketers and organizations to create the most meaningful and successful brands. Willis is committed to delivering unparalleled work and client service w[Read More]


by / February 6, 2024 /

You know those thumb-stopping films you see on Instagram and TikTok where a simple street scene or landscape is suddenly interrupted by fantastical images that take over the screen? Like this whimsical jigsaw puzzle orb in front of a cathedral that breathes and rotates as if it were alive.


Created by @ShutterAuthority this film is one of a series developed on behalf of Lenovo by agency SuperHeroes to demonstrate the c[Read More]

“Make ‘Em Look” is New Rallying Call for Golden State Warriors in Ads from Cartwright

by / December 14, 2023 /

The electric, non-stop excitement the NBA’s Golden State Warriors fans experience while watching their team play is amplified in a new ad campaign for the team titled ‘Make ‘Em Look.’ The new ads from the Cartwright agency showcase all of the players game-making moves, demonstrating that the team itself, is what makes magic happen on the co[Read More]

Escape Pod Makes Music with Disney

by / November 28, 2023 /

The Escape Pod, has teamed up with Disney Music Group to roll out the Magic Happens Here Campaign for the Disney Hits playlist. 

Disney Hits is a streaming music playlist that aggregates the most popular and iconic Disney songs from the past 100 years into one location. It averages 90 million monthly streams and is available on all major music-streaming services across the globe, including Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, Spotify[Read More]

Method1 Strengthens Senior Team With New Hires

by / November 28, 2023 /

Indulgence brand marketing agency Method1 has hired Allison Arling-Giorgi as Strategy Director from BBDO and Sarah Nayak as Director of Growth from Yes&. The hires significantly bolster Method1's senior team to accelerate its growth and position the company for further expansion.

“I am delighted to welcome Allison and Sarah to our team,” said Method1 Managing Director Paul Nelson. “In 2022, we experienced healthy, double-digit growth and w[Read More]